How it started

We are always inspired by the local curators, makers and artisans that are the fabric of the community and we wanted to find a way to bring these relationships to the forefront.

WG-Supply: born from the idea that we are spending countless hours designing custom furniture, shopping for vintage finds and sourcing the perfect decor for our private clients making sure our clients’ spaces are perfectly imperfect.

We saw the need for this service to be accessible to everyone, not just our private clients.

Our first seasonal launch in October 2023, will be exhibiting exclusive collections with three of our favourite makers: Palo Santo, Kroft & Cath Laporte and the launch of our made-to-order furniture collection, designed by Westgrove us and made locally in Toronto. Each season, we will be dropping a limited run of vintage furniture, decor and artist runs on our online shop.

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Andrea & Keri